Swiss Authorities Guarding Country’s Sovereignty

Swiss authorities have sent home a group of German tax officials who illegally tried pursuing multiple leads about alleged German tax evaders in Switzerland.

Not only does Switzerland have sovereignty over their own territory and executive, but it is also a long-established usage in the country that they do support anti money-laundering operations and anti slavery or anti human-trafficking operations but refrain from acknowledging foreign tax issues. Switzerland claims the latter to be in the individual interests of the foreign states concerned and, therefore, declares these issues not-a-concern to Swiss authorities. There are no treaties to the contrary between Switzerland and any other countries, therefore sending home foreign agents is nothing more than applying the law of the land.

After the Swiss had officially banned any investigations by the German authorities concerned and still found a handful of German taxmen messing around in Switzerland in defiance of that ban, Swiss authorities issued arrest warrants against the malfeasants who had, in the meantime, left the country for their homeland. The arrests warrant are valid though and will be enforced against the German sniffle-dogs if they ever dare to re-enter Switzerland.

To add some spice to the entire matter, it is widely known that the German authorities acquired their leads from very dubious sources, allegedly by breaking into private data bases and thus violating a whole array of their own country’s laws. “Proof” like that should be deemed illegal by any legitimate court of law and must not be permitted.

State politicians from Northrine-Westphalia still reacted like petulant children and, in a display of utter ignorance, even dared to condemn what they called a “criminalisation of their right honourable” taxmen.

We would like to remind Germany’s great socialists and Ruhr are proletarians, that it is neither obvious that taxes are not a form of theft nor that something that is deemed “legal” (on whatever questionable basis) could be enforced by illegal means.

There is a principle of Legality applicable under the German constitution. Acting legally is a fundamental requirement of all authorities in the country. This principle applies not just when it comes to political talk but must also be honoured in day-to-day operations, even if the bureaucrats or Leftie world-imporvers don’t particularly like it.