Operation Chokepoint: Obama Administration Has to Admit Wrongdoing, Forced to Move Back

Eric Holder has been notorious for violating Due Process, resigned, Obama administration admitted wrongdoing over Operation Choke Point

by Jason Myers — The U. S. administration has come under fierce criticism for trying to force “operation chokepoint” on the country. Under an executive order signed by President Obama, power is granted to Attorney-General Eric Holder to have a selection of businesses not liked by the Obama administration audited and hampered by possible closure of their bank accounts, effectively forcing them to shut down as a retail operation is not feasible without a bank account in Western countries.

The move is executed using the force of the U. S. Justice Department and the IRS, as previously seen in different instances.

Measures under “Operation Chokepoint” affect businesses that have not done anything illegal, not even in one of the most complicated compliance situations as found in the U. S., and even include home-based charities, coin dealers, Get-rich publications, and a number of similarly activities that could not possibly be held to pose any “danger” to society.

As the “list” of businesses not liked by the Obama administration is highly arbitrary and is based on political preference, affected businesses challenging these measures in court have increasingly been successful in rebutting this latest attempt on economic freedom in the “Land of the Free”.

This has led to an official withdrawal of the administration, but it remains to be seen whether this will result in a genuine stop of what is widely seen as a tyrannical measure or only a partial makeover along with a clandestine continuation of the actions of a ruler who, showing his true colours, increasingly behaves like a thrid-world dictator.

The small business community in the United States is keeping a watchful eye on whether or not the Obama administration delivers on its promise to stop these activities or tries to make them into yet another part of the real “Change” Obama is trying on the country.