News Flash: More All-Out Government Attempts on Peaceful Every-Day Life

bari soetoro of kenya AKA president barack obama showing his true colors

by Amy Ting — Rumor has it that governments are holding a Jekyll-Island-style secret meeting in London around the end of the month to abolish cash. Representatives of the U. S. Federal Reserve and the equally lawless ECB (European Central Bank) are said to be scheduled to discuss measures to force mass-surveilance-compatible electronic-cash-.only transactions upon peaceful citizens throughout many parts of the world.

Not that one had to be a particular fan of paper money, but the wider implications of such a move for Privacy and human rights as well as the overall economy are sure worth fighting this new attempt on ordinary citizen’s lives.

This would be a gross violation of Privacy and other Human Rights as well as an all out attempt on the livelihood of all of us. Without cash, without the ability to conduct legitimate anonymous transactions and “impulse purchases” along with a reasonable amount of freedom to contract (or not to), all economic activity will decline and ultimately cease altogether.

In light of an already government induced ongoing world economic crisis, this is certainly not what the economy — nor anyone in the world — needs.