Homeschooling: Financial Independence Real Reason, Not Religion

Numbers of homeschooling families now doubled

by Amy Ting — For understanding both economics and the overall workings of today’s world, homeschooling is certain to provide an incredible headstart for kids and young adults over an outdated public school system of the kind you find in most countries around the world. Truly successful individuals have been saying this for a very long time, two of which are Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rid Dad book series and Doug Casey, founder and investment adviser of Casey Research. Both of these successful business persons and investors provide very clear reasons favoring homeschooling and also explain why the public school system is flawed. Read their major reasons and have a look at an excerpt of Mr Casey’s views on education here. Also do note that neither of them thinks that homeschooling should be done for religious reasons, but that the major reasons are academic and have to do with providing the best-possible start for children into a life where the can truly choose to be free — or to work as an employee for someone else by choice, if the think that this is what they want or can do best.