Donald Trump Came, Donald Trump Saw, Hillary Clinton Was History

Election result nasty surprise for self-righteous Hillary Clinton, edning a career of corruption dating back to Watergate

by Jason Myers — Like him or not, U. S. president-elect Donald Trump has already singlehandedly achieved a great success: ending the political career of corrupted Hillary Clinton along with her political allies, lobbyists, cronies, and career bureaucrats — on top of scoring his own presidential election victory.

This is not to say that from now on out it is all hearts and flowers in the United States, but Donald Trump’s surprise election victory means a big chance for both America and the world beyond. Granted, not every idea on How to Make America Great Again will necessarily be in the best interest of each and every country in the world. but a continuation of the stale policies of the Bush and Obama era would have been outright disastrous for all of us.

The corrupted Washington, D. C. system needs to be cleaned up, and soon. A presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton expecting the outgoing president to protect her interests (by stalling the FBI chief and prevent an investigation into the corruption and tax evasion schemes of the Clinton foundation) and blaming everyone but herself for her losing the election would hardly be in the best interest of anyone on this planet — except Bill and Hillary Clinton and their (worldwide) friends. Hillary Clinton’s arrogance has finally resulted in breaking her neck.

Throwing out the garbage may be one of the best things that happened to America for a long time. Let us wait and see if U. S. president-elect Donald Trump is going to deliver on any other of his campaign promises. If he does, November 8th will go down as a really good day in history.