Adobe Stock: The World Is Not Enough

Adobe has Aqcquired Fotolia Stock Agency

by Amy Ting — Adobe, Inc. are aiming big: nothing less than dominating the world of stock photography is in the books at the American company’s headquarters. While this may even have a number of positive aspects for both micro stock artists as well as stock image buyers in the short and medium term, it will certainly not be in the best interest of the overall market and of variety and choice in the longer one.

Prices for Adobe stock photos been set to $9.99 per download for single images. Following their acquisition of microstock image agency Fotolia, Adobe have announced their new pricing plan in order to more effectively break into that market — and eventually dominate the entire stock photography business. Whether or not this can succeed, remains to be seen. Competitors of Adobe Stock are none less than Shutterstock, capital-strong iStock, a division of Getty, and a handful of successful smaller companies that include Dreamstime, BigStock, Depositphotos, and Canstockphoto, to name just a few.