A Better Future Without the EU

For various reasons, the British have been somewhat eurosceptic from the outset. With their campaign for integrating with the EEC (European Economic Community) which was later more or less (c)overtly to become the EU (European Union), the conservative government of Margaret Thatcher somewhat artificially turned British mass opinion largely in favour of European Integration. What was “European Integration” then and now is grossly different, though. Was it even not so clear that Britain should give up parts of her sovereignty to join a then losely-knit European Economic Community in the 1970s, how “self-evident” should it be for Britain to stay in today’s EU. The current European Union is a wholly undemocratic or even anti-democratic super state in which people’s personal lives are increasingly ruled by unelected officials far away in Brussels and keen to limit personal freedom for the sake of securing their own power and bureaucratic interests rather than any long-term political reason or economic sustainability.

European unelected bureaucrats’ redistributionist policies are certainly not financed by these officials’ personal monies but by European taxpayers’ monies which they seek to increasingly get a grip on. EU budgets are paid for by member states’ contributions which are, in turn, collected via taxes from member state populations and businesses. This is both slowing down European economies and increasing tax levels throughout EU member states further and further.

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The dissatisfaction with the European bureaucracy increasingly messing with people’s livelihood and happiness led to the formation and subsequent constant rise of political platforms trying to secure basic democratic principles over EU bureaucracies and returning power back to national parliaments instead of relinquishing even more to them.

Nigel Farage and UKIP (U. K. Independence Party) in the U. K. may be the first, most prominent and most libertarian one that comes to mind here, but there are more of the same feather throughout Europe: Frihedspæmperne (Freedom Fighters) and Helt ud af EU Nu! (Entirely Out of the EU Now) in Denmark under Joshua Dalgård, the Spanish Partia de Libertad Personal (Party of Personal Liberty), a new movement in the Netherlands to demand an explicit exit  clause for member countries in European treaties, the Finnish movement for budgetary reason, and others within and around the EFD (Europe for Freedom and Democracy).

If only one thing, this proves that there is increasing concern about the direction the European super state is headed and that people are increasingly aware of Eurocrats’ plans to cease more and more freedoms and impose even more of their own power upon the populations of Europe. And while, in light of “Seven-Year Budgets” and a more and more command-style economy, Europe may, indeed, increasingly be run like the failed Soviet Union, it is obvious that European populations do not want to live that way.

Even the debtor nations, which are not really to blame for their financial situation in the first place but are themselves victims of Eurocrats’ command-style economic policies including the single European currency “Euro”, are increasingly discovering that they would have a dramatically better chance of getting out of their current situations outside the EU. The Irish have been fooled and humiliated by unequal treatment over Spain anyway and are, rightly, not amused. Ireland might therefore join any exodus from the EU once it is set in motion maybe by Britain, Denmark or The Netherlands leaving. The point where these countries decide Enough Is Enough and will voluntarily exit that European Union of Discontent may therefore be coming closer.

There have been uprisings against undue rulers in this part of the world since 1215, and if circumstances demand there will be more.